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Accrediting has been stopped. It is no longer possible to register for new reviews. The register shall be maintained.


International Institute for Artist Accreditation

The International Institute for Artist Accreditation gives visual artists the opportunity to have themselves reviewed according to strict criteria.

In the event of a positive result of the review, the artist is entitled, depending on the kind of review, to use the general predicate Certified Artist or International Certified Artist or the specific predicate Certified Tutor of Art (certified art teacher).

Certified artists are entitled to use the abbreviation ICA, CA or CTA behind their names.
In addition, certified artists will be included in a register that can be consulted by anyone free of charge.

If desired, the artist will receive a certificate on which the requirements that have been met have been laid down.

The reviews are carried out according to strict rules that are meticulously adhered to. Certification, as well as the issue of certificates and hallmarks, is reserved to the International Institute of Artist Accreditation.